Spray Tan

Same dark skin, no UV rays

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning can be used in addition or as an alternative to UV Tanning. It’s a cosmetic application of DHA and natural bronzers that provide a natural looking and instant golden bronze glow to the skin.

Our Versa Pro and Mystic Kyss booths allow our customers to have a customized spray tan, with different solution and level options to select from; PH prep, Clear DHA, Bronzed DHA and post-moisturizing spray. For even better results we suggest a Cocktail Tan. This consist of a UV tan prior to your spray tan. Benefit are the UV light opens the pores of the skin and triggers melanin production resulting in deeper darker results.

* Please note: Our new Mystic Tan spray tanning booths are currently offered at our Cleveland and Rocky River locations

Spray Tan Prep Included

Session Prices

  • 1 Session$25.00
  • 3 Session$59.99
  • ​5 Session$69.99
Additional Options
Post Moisturizer – $4.99
Dark – $4.99
PH Optimizer – $4.99
Double Leg Pass – $14.99
Billed Monthly

Membership Prices

  • ​Unlimited$49.99
  • ​Unlimited + Dark$59.99
  • ​Unlimited + All Sun Beds$79.99
for the most optimal look, follow

Spray Tanning Tips

  • Prior to tanning, shower and exfoliate your skin to remove dry patches or dead skin. This prepares your skin for a more even application of our tanning solution.
  • Do not apply any lotion to your skin after showering. Lotions act like a barrier and prevent the tanning solution from entering your skin.
  • Wear loose clothing to the salon to prevent the tanning solution from rubbing off after application.
  • In order for your tan to properly develop, please allow the solution to set for a minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 12 hours before showering.
  • After application, avoid working out or other strenuous activity that will make you sweat. Also avoid swimming, the rain, or coming in contact with water.
  • To maintain optimal results, keep your skin well moisturized. Ask us about our aftercare products.

VersaSpa Tips

Mystic Tan Tips